Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fun with User Profiles: Part 1

It’s amazing the new things you can do with User Profiles in AccuCampus, that’s why I wanted to create a 3-part post to show what’s possible with User Profiles.

So, let’s start the part 1 of “Fun with User Profiles”:


Let’s start by creating a profile template.  In Settings we have a section call User Profiles, where we can define multiple templates.  Each template can have several questions and security permissions.

For example, an profile template used by IR, might look like this:


Also, we can restrict the access to this information to only certain users:


In that case, we’re saying that the IR Common Data profile will be applied to Students only (profiles for tutors, advisors, IT people or any user can be created too!). The students won’t have access to read or edit their own profile, but everyone with an Institutional Researcher or Administrator profile will be able to see it.  IR people will also be able to edit it.

It’s also possible to have only people working a specific location access the profile.  If the scope is limited, you can say “let people working in this center see this, but not people with the same role working in another place”.

Once we did that, we are ready to put the information in the system!  We will do that in part 2.

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