Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fun with User Profiles: Part 2

If you followed the part 1 of this 3-part post serie, then you had set up your account with different user profile templates.  We saw that it’s possible to define multiple templates that apply to the same role and give access levels to each of those templates.  That means that some information might be available to some users and some information not.

Now, let’s see how we can put information in the system!

Option 1: Enter information manually

Let’s say I want to update the profile of a student called Christopher Anderson.  The fastest way to get there is by searching by his name. Type anderson in the search bar:


Click on the first item to go to his profile:


I’ve highlighted the User Profile link the More Actions bar.  Clicking on it takes you to Chris’ profile:


Pretty easy.  Just complete all the information and hit Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Option 2: Import all profiles at once

If you don’t want to type in all that information, you can also get a CSV file from your IT friends and upload it to AccuCampus. To do so you need to create a file like this:


First, look at the headers. The first one is the Email of the student (or any person in general). That’s the only header that is mandatory. The other headers are going to change probably in your file. One thing that we didn’t mention when creating the profile template is that you have to enter an “unique key” when creating each question:


As you see in the screen above, the Unique Key is set to “DEGSK”.  We can use that same text as a header in our import file to update the students’ information. Also, the options have a key associated for simpler identification.  That way you can change the question and/or the answers without the selected value actually being changed.

For example, if we want to update 2 students with emails and with the values “Certificate/diploma” for the first one and “Bachelor’s degree” for the second one, we would do something like this:

Email DEGSK dipcert bachdeg

Once the file is ready, it’s just a matter of uploading in the Import screen.

Finally we are ready to start with the best part, where we are going to query those user profiles and get attendance reports for those users.

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