Friday, August 21, 2015

Fun with User Profiles: Part 3

In part 1 we learned how to configure User Profiles.  In part 2 we uploaded our data to the accounts in the system. Now the real fun begins: we are going to create Dynamic Groups to find the students we care about and create reports only for that subset of students.

First, we need to create a Dynamic Group by going to Users > User Groups > New Dynamic Group:

Let’s say I want to analyze the behavior of those students with Conditional Admission, who are also seeking for a Bachelor’s degree.  I can create the group and set the following conditions:


That way, the group will contain only Students, whom Admin Type is Conditional Admission and their Degree Seeking property is set to Bachelor’s degrees.  One thing you might have noticed is that “Refresh every” option.  As it’s set to manual, you have to manually refresh the group whenever you want. That’s helpful for example if you want to see who had certain properties in the previous semester, compared to the current one.  You can also set the group to be automatically updated every a couple hours, days or weeks.  That way you make sure every time you create a report, the group is up to date.

It’s also possible to share the group with others working at your center or others with the same roles you have:


For example, in this case all IR people will have access to use this group for reporting.  You can also give access to a certain group to Tutors working in a particular center. Cool, eh?

Now we can go to Reports and filter the information to see only those students that are in the group. We can also click on “View Group Stats” to see the demographics of the students matching the criteria I set up to create the group.


We have seen in this 3-post serie how to set up user profiles, load the data into the system and how to query and report based on the profile data.  It can also be used with other roles, such as Staff Members and the Work Hours reports.  The limit is only your imagination, try creating different groups to monitor how different students behave, find patterns and improve university’s response.

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